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We are excited to share that The Solas Group has been chosen as a Tableau Software Alliance Partner. Our nomination to this highly-selective program was a big honor, resulting in our being the first and only Tableau partner focused on serving the advancement and nonprofit fundraising community. 

Tableau Software has also invited us to share our fundraising insights and award-winning dashboards in a series of ongoing webinars. For more information on ways our dashboards can energize your campaign and help you exceed your fundraising goals, check out the webinar series below and contact us at for a live demo.

Higher Education Fundraising Analytics

In this webinar, the first in our series with Tableau Software, the Solas Group outlines how analytics can demonstrably increase fundraising results and minimize lost opportunities. From fundraising metrics to mapping tools, we will explore how visual data can enhance strategic decision making. With custom filters allowing users to select specific colleges, programs, and regions, we will show dashboards that simplify time-sensitive information even in the often complex world of higher education advancement.

The Campaign Manager’s Toolkit 

Campaign management requires the ability to monitor dozens of data points at a moment’s notice. Whether you need to benchmark progress against prior years, monitor the pipeline to forecast year-end targets, or discover prospects that will help you finish the campaign strong, Tableau can help! In this webinar, we explored Tableau tools that keep your campaign on track and ensure your president and steering committee are well-supported.

Establishing ROI with Tableau

Fundraising results speak for themselves, but many advancement offices struggle to demonstrate the ROI of their efforts beyond just dollar totals. In this webinar, we explored several ways that Tableau can illustrate the exceptional work of both your fundraising and non-fundraising staff members. Whether you’re creating metrics, evaluating the success of recent initiatives, or making an evidence-based argument for increasing staff, our Tableau dashboards can help.

Next-Level Prospect Management

As campaign goals increase and budgets contract, ensuring the optimal use of fundraisers’ time has never been more critical. In this webinar, we will explore how Tableau can illuminate the best prospects, encourage proactive portfolio management, and help diagnose the reasons that fundraisers may not be getting results despite their hard efforts.

Data Driven Strategies for Fundraising in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has required creative and flexible approaches to fundraising. How can Tableau help meet the fundraising challenges posed by a global pandemic? Join us for a discussion on emerging new approaches to remote fundraising and see how Tableau can help you rethink strategies, improve engagement, and sustain your fundraising momentum.


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