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We offer a variety of services tailored for your institution’s needs. Whether you are looking to improve your reporting capabilities, increase skill development, or optimize your advancement services program, we are here to help. We love a challenge! Below are just some of the ways we can illuminate your fundraising results.

The Solas Group revolutionized how we view our data. By creating custom dashboards, Ron enabled us to gain a comprehensive view of our key metrics. We can now easily observe trends and track progress toward our goals.  His data visualizations are more sophisticated and useful than what is currently available at our institution.


Industry-Leading Tableau Dashboards

Who are the top 25 donors to your latest capital project, ranked? Which principal gift prospects have you been ignoring? Are you assigned to the prospects with the greatest likelihood to give? Which fundraiser in your office is most likely to close a major gift? If you can't answer these questions in a few clicks, you need our dashboards. As the premier Tableau Partner for fundraising, we offer a library of more than 70 dashboards that we can link to your institution's data and tailor to fit your unique business practices. And if you have a question about your data that we haven’t already thought of, we will build you a dashboard from scratch. Contact us to schedule an online tour and see what Solas can do to increase your fundraising success.


Pioneering Methods. Superior Results.

Solas offers predictive modeling like you’ve never seen it before. We start with our pioneering point-in-time methodology and AI modeling techniques to produce models with unparalleled predictive capabilities. Next we deliver our models with interactive dashboards to help clients make timely and effective use of their results. And, with the option to subscribe to our perpetual modeling service, clients can take immediate action on major gift prospects as they emerge and be confident that their modeling scores will never be out-of-date.  We give you everything you need to take concrete steps toward improved fundraising results from the annual fund all the way to principal gifts. 

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Bring Your Advancement Services Team to the Next Level

As founding members of the Association for Advancement Services Professionals (AASP) and recipients of the international "best of the best" CASE Platinum Award for Best Practices in Advancement Services, we understand the profession inside and out. We have experienced the many technical, logistical, and bureaucratic hurdles faced by advancement services units, and we love helping those units resolve their toughest challenges. Whether you’re experiencing understaffing, institutional data sets that don’t integrate with each other, poor data quality, lack of training, or some combination of the above, we can help. Ours is a positive, solutions-based, and empathetic approach that puts advancement services professionals at the top of their game.


Learn Tableau in a Fundraising Context

Used to full advantage, Tableau Software can revolutionize your ability to access and understand fundraising data. For over a decade, our partners have leveraged Tableau to empower fundraising teams, and we understand the business needs and challenges inherent in advancement analytics. In individual and group sessions, in person or online, our unique Tableau training seminars are developed to build advancement professionals’ skills in designing dashboards that make a difference. We work hands-on with our clients, helping them learn to prepare and present their data in a manner that fundraising and organizational leaders find transparent and actionable. 


Durable Data Sources to Fuel Reporting

One of the biggest challenges to accurate and timely reporting is creating reliable data sources. With decades of experience in fundraising technology, data engineering, and advancement services, The Solas Group has expertise integrating disparate data sets and building data sources ideally suited to meet the demands of a fast-paced fundraising office. We understand the cyclical nature of data architecture maintenance in serving the needs of a highly effective fundraising organization, because we know that in such environments, data and business rules are constantly expanding and evolving. We work together with our clients to understand their business and reporting needs and to construct reusable, flexible, and extensible data sources that become a permanent part of your program’s infrastructure. 


Customize Solutions for Your Technology Needs

We have extensive experience evaluating, developing, and implementing custom applications such as automated wealth screening processes, prospect identification tools, regional strategy tools, dynamic prospect affinity scoring, gift agreement generators, online payment systems, event registration systems, geocoding services, and service request systems. We are committed to automating as much as we can so that you can spend more of your time working on fundraising strategy. Let our more than 20 years of combined experience in software development help you design solutions you didn’t even know were possible.