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Ron considers it a privilege to have built a career on applying his technology skills toward helping others. Having started out as a software engineer at two internet start-ups, he joined DePaul University in 2001 as an applications developer. Over 17 years at DePaul, Ron became the Director of Advancement Data Systems and Technology and, later, the AVP of Advancement Services. While there, Ron led the implementation of many key innovations, including overhauling and automating most of DePaul’s data and gift processing functions, spearheading a portfolio optimization process that showed demonstrable gains in fundraising outcomes, and building a suite of data visualizations that were so powerful they were used by Tableau Software to demonstrate the revolutionary impact their software can have on fundraising.

Ron’s team was selected in 2015 as the inaugural recipient of the international "best of the best" CASE Platinum Award for Best Practices in Advancement Services, and the District V CASE Gold Award for Best Practices in Advancement Services Programs.  Prior to that, he received several other awards in the profession including a CASE Circle of Excellence Award for Creative Use of Technology in Fundraising.

He has been a featured presenter at speaking engagements for AASP, CASE, DRIVE, DePaul University, and several partners including Tableau Software. He is a founding member of the Association for Advancement Services Professionals (aasp). Like each of his colleagues at Solas, Ron is a firm believer in the value of hard work and treating others with kindness.


Ron earned a BA in political science and business with honors from Washington University in Saint Louis, and an MS in information systems with distinction from DePaul University.

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