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For over twenty-five years, John has been leading for-profit and non-profit organizations’ strategies on software deployment and applications development. He has extensive experience in higher education technology, which has made life easier for countless fundraisers, alumni professionals, enrollment management specialists, marketing staff, and providers of career services.


John is passionate about customer service, focusing on using existing resources to solve problems while minimizing cost and disruption. He loves supporting subject-matter experts in identifying, implementing, and maintaining technology that best suits their needs. And when he can’t find the perfect technical solution, he will build one from scratch. John believes in saving every dollar and staff hour possible so that resources may be invested in the fulfillment of each organization’s primary mission. Over the years, he has developed and supported systems that help with everything from online event registration, crowdfunding and giving day applications, alumni mentoring programs, telefund and CRM integration, internship programs, employer recruiting programs, and metrics tracking.


John holds a BS in computer information systems from Indiana University and an MS in e-commerce technology from DePaul University.

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